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Tunnel type quick-freezing machine is a simple and efficient frozen device. Depending on the conveyor belt, the tunnel-type quick-freezing machines can be divided into mesh belt ones and tunnel strip ones. Mesh belt quick-freezing machine is mainly suitable for sea products, poultry, vegetables, fruit, pasta, and dairy food such as quick-frozen processing. Freezing capacity could reach 150kg/h~2000kg/h.

Tunnel quick-freezing machine structure:

Simple structure, convenient operation, long service life;

Mesh belt is suppressed by imported equipment and stainless steel spring wire, smooth surface, and can be chosen according to user’s working condition;

According to the production requirements can be combined with a single or double plate;

Using water frost, ensure clean and sanitation;

The imported frequency converter to realize step less speed regulation, frozen goods to freeze time can be adjusted according to the need to continuously, can adapt to a variety of processing of frozen goods;

  • Mainboard uses rigid polyurethane foam, and good thermal insulation properties, inside and outside of the freezing room are supported by stainless steel frames, easy to clean.

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