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The bag self-feeding packaging machine is mainly composed of a coding machine, PLC control system, bag opening guidance device, a vibration device, dust removal device, solenoid valve, temperature controller, vacuum generator or vacuum pump, frequency converter, output system, and other standard components. The main optional configurations are material metering and filling machine, working platform, weight selection scale, material elevator, vibration feeder, finished product conveying elevator, and metal testing machine. This machine is to instead of manual packaging, for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the packaging automation, operators just need to put hundreds of bags in bag equipment, equipment mechanical grasp will automatically take the bag, printing date, open bag, metering device signal measurement, and feeding, sealing, output. Customers can also add detailed functions such as emergency opening, automatic card casting, and abnormal discharge according to the product packaging needs. The whole packaging process requires no manual operation, which effectively improves the production efficiency for your company, saves labor costs and management costs, and greatly reduces the cost.

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