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The machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel. The machine is running smoothly, the stainless steel mesh band is strong; the scale is small, not easy to deform, and easy to maintain. The randomness of the sterilization process was solved, the consistency was strengthened, and the success rate of sterilization was improved.

This machine is modern production equipment which is combined sterilizing and cooling. Suitable for soft packing series such as pickled vegetables, pickles, milk, spices, pickled vegetables, etc., and various types of bottlers, tin cans, glass bottles, slurry, round cans, etc.

Sterilizing time10-40minWidth of belt(mm)500-2000
Sterilizing temperature65℃-95℃ adjustablePower(kw)3 (normal temp. cooling)

22-50 (cool water cooling)

Steam pressure(kg)1-4Gas consumption(m3/h)0.3-1.0
Working capacityAccording to clientsElectricity(V/Hz)380V/50Hz
Cooling methodNormal temp. or mandatory ice waterMin. output(t/h)0.55 (sterilizing time 5-60mins)
SpeedFrequency controlCould be produced according to client’s order.

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