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Liquid quick-freezing machine through mechanical vibration and wind pressure makes the products float on the stainless steel mesh belt, so as to realize individually quick frozen, to prevent adhesions.

This machine is mainly suitable for vegetables, fruits, and other grains, sheets, and block kinds of food. In structure, depending on the products, this machine can be divided into one part from a fluidized bed, two parts from fluidized beds, and four connecting rod-type fluidized beds. Working capacity can reach 300kg/h~3000kg/h.

Tunnel quick-freezing machine structure:

Stainless steel fan, to guarantee the rated air volume and air pressure;

Wide aluminum evaporator windward side and variable pitch design, to extend the time of frost;

Inlet is equipped with a mesh belt cleaning and drying device;

Full automatic control system and frequency conversion technology, step-less adjusting net belt running speed;

All the internal components are made of stainless steel material, easy to clean and maintain.

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