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Adopt international advanced cryogenic technology, the temperature can achieve to minus – 30 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ within 30 minutes, make food cool rapidly, maintain the nutrition of the food, widely used in pasta products, meat products, aquatic products processing, food quick-freezing, medicine, chemical industry, etc.

Using liquid nitrogen, the world’s most environmental protection and the most economical material as cooling media.

With minimal up-front investment, can produce high quality create multiple freeze/cooling line.

30 minutes fast freezing (in minutes, not hours) means that do not need to store huge amounts of products.

Can use Siemens PLC technology, precise control of each point temperature, shorten product time to market.

May fast freeze the materials, the quick-frozen multipoint temperature can be regulated by the touch screen.

Reduce moisture loss, improve product quality, and improve productivity (more products at the same time operating).

Create a production line with our company’s sorting, counting, and packing equipment, and reduce human resource costs.

International top technology uses multistage transmission, which can realize continuous production.

The minimum installation cost, and low maintenance cost, save electricity by 95%.


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