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The ice coating machine is mainly used for frozen aquatic products. A layer of ice coat is plated on the surface of the frozen aquatic products as needed to keep the surface of the aquatic products bright and easy to keep the moisture in the aquatic products not easy to lose; the working principle of the ice coating machine is like this: the quick- frozen aquatic products contain a certain amount of cold, and low-temperature cold water is circulated in the ice coating machine (the temperature of the water is 0~1℃), and when the aquatic products are put into the machine, the cold energy inside of the aquatic products will quickly release cold into the water, so the surface water could be frozen into ice, just like a layer of ice coating on the products.

According to different frozen products, this machine could be designed in different sizes and depths of water level. It’s better to use flake ice or block ice to maintain the water temperature and do not need to increase the cold source separately. This machine adopts two independent water systems, one is used for the fusion and circulation of water and ice, and the other is used to realize the water curtain. So as to realize the purpose of low-temperature water circulation and water curtain icing. Compared with manual ice coating, this machine has the advantages of a stable ice coating rate, and uniform ice coating, meanwhile, water and manpower can be saved in the process. All the pipes of this machine adopted food-grade quick-installed pipe fittings, which are convenient for disassembly and cleaning.

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