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The full-automatic stretch film vacuum packing machine is designed to adopt hard film and soft films, which carry out molding, vacuum, inflation, printing producing data, segmentation, and other operations on the products. The whole machine is assembled with 304 food grade stainless steel, with stable and reliable quality, long service life, high producing efficiency, and high packing accuracy. The appearance design is reasonable and beautiful and meets the professional standardization requirements of electromechanical products and vacuum packing machines. We have all serious about this machine and support customization.

Application scope:

This machine is widely used for vacuum, inflatable, and body-fitted packing of various leisure foods, bean products, meat products, intestinal products, eggs, fruits and vegetables, pickles, chilled meat, pharmaceutical products, aquatic products, hardware components, medical devices, etc.


  1. This equipment has stable operation, good packing effect, and high packing efficiency;
  2. The combined modules are adopted, which are easy to replace and multi-purpose. Meanwhile, the modules are equipped with a cooling system. The whole modules are aluminum plate buckle leakage type, which has a good effect on the forming vacuum heat sealing of the products;
  3. It adopts a high-quality chain, which is suitable for stretch molding of soft film, hard film, and semi-hard film of various thicknesses and can be specially packed.
  4. The upper and lower membranes are equipped with a tension system and automatic deviation adjustment system to ensure accurate film feeding;
  5. It adopts a full English human-computer interactive operation interface, with built-in product operation parameters, operation status, fault analysis, output counting, emergency alarm prompt, and other practical functions;
  6. It is equipped with a scrap recycling system to keep the environment clean and tidy;
  7. Busch vacuum pump imported from Germany is selected, which has fast air extraction speed, high vacuum degree, and long service life;
  8. The whole machine is equipped with power phase loss, reverse phase, high voltage, low voltage, and leakage protection systems. In case of fault, it will automatically stop operation and display the cause on the screen.

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